Universal Roof Restorations provide a professional roof restoration service in Adelaide and surrounding areas. With vast experience in the roof restoration industry, Universal Roof Restorations provide a professional service, ensuring your roof will look like new again.

Universal Roof Restorations only uses Dulux AcraTex Registered Roof Applicators, ensuring all work is to the highest standard. This gives the customer peace of mind knowing the work is backed by Universal Roof Restorations and Dulux.


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Looking to have your roof restored or re-painted? Universal Roof Restorations can come to provide an obligation free quote. Please contact us to organize a time for our Roofing Professionals to inspect your roof.

When requiring a roof restoration in Gawler, ensure that its completed by Universal Roof Restorations. Our tradesmen use only the best roof paint products, ensuring the Gawler Roof Restoration will continue to protect your roof from the tough Australian sun.

Roof Restoration Gawler – Universal Roof Restorations process


Is the look of your roof letting down the appearance of your home? You will be surprised the difference a roof restoration makes to your home. With your roof being 1/3 of what people see of your home from the street, your roof has a huge effect on your homes street appeal. A roof restoration can revitalize the look of your home and increase the value of your home substantially.


Your roof is what protects your home and family from the harsh sun and weather conditions. It is important that your roof is in a good condition with no damage or leaks to ensure that your roof can continue to protect your home. When it comes to a Gawler Roof Restoration here at Universal Roof Restorations are happy to give you a free quote for your roof restoration, to ensure your roof can be restored to its best possible condition.


Why Universal Roof Restorations?


Compared to a re-roof, a Gawler Roof Restoration from Universal Roof Restorations is much more affordable, and will look exactly like a new roof. Whether it’s a metal roof restoration, or a concrete tile roof restoration, we have the expertise to find any roof issues, and then restore your roof back to its former glory.

Gawler Roof Restoration – Tiled Roofs

1. Inspection and repair
Inspect the roof, Repair as required and replace any broken tiles, ridgecaps
2. Cleaning
High pressure cleaning of the roof with all water directed away by lay-flat hosing
3. Rebed and Re-point
Any re-bedding and re-pointing will occur using pointing mix
4. Steralise
Preptreat product is applied
5. Primer
Using a primer that is suited to the roof, the whole roofs surface is sealed. This strong adhesion.
6. Roof Membrane
2 coats of Roof Membrane is applied by an airless spray unit


Roof Restorations Gawler

For Gawler roof restoration, choose Universal Roof Restorations

Gawler Roof Restoration – Colorbond Roofs

1. Inspect & Repair/Replace
The Applicator will inspect the roof for damage
2. Clean
A high pressure clean of the roof, ensuring all water is directed away by lay-flat hoses
3. Primer Coat
Depending on roof condition, a specific primer is coated onto the roof, so there will be a strong adhesion with the roof membrane
4. 2 Coats of Roof Membrane
Two coats of the Next Generation Roof Membrane is applied.