How to Clean Your Roof

How to Clean Your Roof

Understandably, a lot of people don’t enjoy the thought of cleaning their roof. Spending your spare time on a pitched roof with a gurney trying to spray off all the dirt and dust that has accumulated. However, to maintain your roof and ensure longevity, it is integral that you clean your roof every few years.

See below a few tips that can help you clean your roof:

1. Research
Properly researching and understanding how to clean your roof is key, especially if its your first time cleaning your roof. Understanding what is involved in cleaning your roof, the correct techniques, how to do a good job, safety requirements etc.

2. Having the proper products and tools
To be able to give your roof a proper clean, you must have the correct products and tools. Although the proper tools and products cost a few dollars, they will save you money in the long run and do a better job.

3. Using the correct cleaning method 

There are a few ways you can clean your roof. See which method works best for you and you feel most comfortable with.

  • Low pressure cleaning; which uses non-toxic chemicals. There is also no high pressure washing on the roof, meaning less chance of damaging your roof.
  • Chemical cleaning; This method using a chlorine bleach or similar to clean your entire roof. This removes lichen, moss and any stains. Please note however these chemicals are quite dangerous if inhaled, and are not great for the environment.
  • Pressure washing; using a high pressure cleaner to remove the mould, algea and dirt or dust from your roof. If you are not skilled or experienced you can damage your roof due to the high pressure of the water.

4. Inspect your roof on a regular basis
A very important aspect, which is often forgetten, is to regularly inspect your roof. By inspecting your roof you will see any problem areas or parts of your roof that need cleaning, allowing you to clean the roof before any major issues arise.

Professional Roof Cleaning by Universal Roof Restorations
Hopefully the above tips have given you a better understanding of how to assess and clean your roof. However, if you want a professional to clean your roof, please look at Universal Roof Restorations for Adelaide roof cleaning. We have vast experience in not just roof cleaning Adelaide, but roof restorations and roof repair work.

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