Keep Your Roof Cooler with Adelaide Roof Painting

Keep Your Roof Cooler with Adelaide Roof Painting

With summer just around the corner, Adelaide temperatures will quickly creep until into the high 30’s and even 40’s. As the temperatures rise through summer, we will be heading inside with the aircon on. To help keep your house cooler, it helps to have a cool roof, since your roof is what is in-between your house and the hot sun. This can be acheived with a Adelaide roof painting Adelaide roof restoration.

Different colours reflect heat better than others. Typically, darker colours absorb heat more and light colours reflect heat better. So if your house gets very hot during summer, it may smarter to have your Adelaide roof restoration in a lighter colour to help reflect heat.

Unfortunately there are factors that you can’t change, such as the orientation of your home. However, one thing you can change is the insulation you have in your roof. A lot of people wouldn’t think much about insulation, assuming all insulation is the same. However, like most products, there are better quality and lesser quality. So it’s worth having a check and ensuring your home has good quality insulation.

• Double glazed windows
• External window shade, e.g. roller shutters or blinds
• Good quality air conditioning and ventilation

For double glazing, roller shutters or a new air-conditioner, you will be paying over $10,000.
That’s why getting your roof re-painted in a light colour is often the most cost-effective method for cooling your roof.

However, if you want a darker colour for you roof, but still want to keep your roof reflecting the heat, your in luck. We offer Dulux AcraTex Cool Roof paint, which helps reflect the suns rays, keeping your roof and home cooler. Have a look here at the Dulux AcraTex Cool Roof Commercial colour card

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