Metal and Tile Roofs

Metal and Tile Roofs

Over the years there has been changing preferences in home owners preferred roof type, jumping between metal roofs (aka Colorbond roofs) or the traditional concrete tiles.

Adelaide roof restorations – differing roof types

If you are talking versability, then metal roofs seem to have the advantage, however, traditionally home owners prefer concrete tiles when it comes to longevity. Lightweight roofing materials such as Colorbond roofs are better for differing designs as they can curve, e.g. bull-nose verandahs. However, tiled roofs weigh considerably more than metal roofs, with a comparable 60kg per square metre for concrete tile roofs compared to only 4kg per square metre for Colorbond roofs. Add this up over your whole roof and it makes a considerable difference.

Concrete tile roof restorations – traditional choice

Concrete Tile Roof
The traditional roofing choice, which has stood the test of time is concrete tile roofs. You can choose from a range of traditional roofing colours, and they give your home a considerable amount of protection from the elements. However, when it comes to a roof restoration, as the tiles from 20+ years ago are no longer made, some unique tile types can be hard to source when required to replace broken tiles.

Metal Roof Restorations – The new age choice

Metal Roof
In Australia and Adelaide, metal roofs are being used on new homes more and more. The advantage of Colorbond roofs are that when you need replacement sheets, they are easily accessible. Also now, roof paint suppliers are making roof paints that specifically match the low gloss finish of Colorbond roofs. This means that if you have your roof restored, your roof can look the same as a new Colorbond Roof.

Universal Roof Restorations

No matter if your roof is concrete tile or Colorbond, if you are looking for a roof restoration, Universal Roof Restorations can complete the work to the highest standard. We service the Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills, Adelaide metro areas as well as most regional areas. Enquire with us today for your roof restoration quote

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