Universal Roof Restorations provide a professional roof restoration service in Adelaide and surrounding areas. With vast experience in the roof restoration industry, Universal Roof Restorations provide a professional service, ensuring your roof will look like new again.
Universal Roof Restorations only uses Dulux AcraTex Registered Roof Applicators, ensuring all work is to the highest standard. This gives the customer peace of mind knowing the work is backed by Integrity Roof Restorations and Dulux.


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View the colours you can have your roof painted, to give you some inspiration and ideas on what colour to choose.

Here at Universal Roof Restorations we are very proud of our work. Click here to see a gallery of some of our completed work. If you would like to see some of our completed work in person, please let us know and we will be more than happy to show you

Looking to have your roof restored or re-painted? Universal Roof Restorations can come to provide an obligation free quote. Please contact us to organize a time for our Roofing Professionals to inspect your roof.

Roof Restoration Adelaide Hills

Whether your roof is concrete tiles or metal, Universal Roof Restorations can return your roof to its former glory.
By having a roof restoration completed you will improve the look of your roof. Your roof is a major part of your house and is what you see first when looking at the home. An old and faded roof is quite an eyesore. By having your roof restored, you will be amazed at the difference it can make to the look of your home, which dramatically increases the price of your home too. Adelaide Hills Roof Restorations are a great, cost effective way to add tens of thousands of dollars of valley to the value of your home, compared to re-roofing, which is 3-4x more expensive.


Adelaide Hills


With the cold winters in the Adelaide hills, it is integral that your roof is protected from those cold and wet winters. We specialize in roof restoration Adelaide hills, ensuring that every home is protected from the elements.


Professional Service


When providing you your free quote for a roof restoration Adelaide Hills, we will do a full roof appraisal to find any roof leaks or damage, any broken tiles or any ridgecaps that need to be re-bedded or re-pointed. Following that, we will provide you a full no obligation quote that will give you a full understanding of what work will be completed and why.


Here at Universal Roof Restorations, we only use the best products, ensuring every job is a quality Adelaide Hills roof restoration. That’s why we are proud to align with Dulux AcraTex for our roofing products, which are backed by Dulux


Costs compared to a re-roof


When it comes wanting to renovate your roof you have two choices; a roof restoration or a re-roof. An Adelaide Hills roof restoration will leave your roof looking like new, but for much less money than a re-roof. So if you want your roof looking like new, be sure to let Universal Roof Restorations you a free quote.

Steps of Adelaide Hills Roof Restoration – Integrity Roof Restorations

Tiled Roofs

  1. Inspect
    Integrity Roof Restorations will inspect your roof for any tiles that are damaged or cracked.
  2. Cleaning
    Your roof will be cleaned with a high-pressure washer at 4000psi,
  3. Re-bed and re-pointing
    All the ridge caps that are deemed damaged will be re-bedded. Following this, the ridge-capping will be repointed.
  4. Sterilisation of Roof
    A sterilization spray will be applied to sterilize the roof
  5. Primer/Sealer
    The whole roof is primed to ensure adhesion to the roof paint Roof Membrane

6. 2 Coats Roof Membrane
x2 coatings of the Dulux AcraTex Next Generation Roof Membrane will be applied

Metal Roofs

  1. Inspect
    The roof is inspected for any damage
  2. Clean
    Using a high-pressure cleaner, your roof will be cleaned at 4000psi,
  3. Primer
    Integrity Roof Restorations will ensure the entire roof is sealed.
  4. Roof Membrane
    Two coats of the roof paint will be applied to the roof, providing protection, durability and weatherproofing.