The Signs That Your Roof Needs a Roof Restoration

The Signs That Your Roof Needs a Roof Restoration

Your roof is what protects your home from the elements. Day in day out your roof is the barrier between your home and the harsh sun, as well as the rain and hail. Over time your roof will be affected by the harsh extremes of South Australian weather, but how can you tell when it’s time for you to invest in a roof restoration? Read here the signs that will tell you when you need to undertake a roof restoration by Universal Roof Restorations.

Sign 1: Inside your roof
If from inside your home you can see any effects of the weather, you need to repair your roof. This can be dark spots on your ceiling which indicated water leaks and water damage, or even signs of light coming through the roof. If there are multiple spots of these, it may be worth undertaking a full roof restoration to not just repair these issues, but also to stop any future leaks and damage to your home.

Sign 2: Looking on top of your roof
If you hop onto your roof, you will see a lot more than what you can see than down on the ground, and you may be surprised by the actual state of your roof. Be careful when getting onto your roof because it may be slippery or dangerous if you are not confident on a roof.
What to look for:
• Look for any loose material on the roof, anything around chimneys, air conditioners, sunlights etc.
• Check for signs of rot, mould algae
• Loose and broken ridge caps or bedding that hold your ridgecaps in place
• Your gutters and downpipes are all in good condition with no holes or rust, and that are all still attached

Sign 3: A sagging roof
Your roof should all be at straight angles with no sagging or bowing. If you can visibly see that your roof is sagging in areas, that is a sure sign that your is damanged. This will mean you should immediately get your inspected and repaired or restored by a professional.

Sign 4: Age of your roof
Roofs like anything, have a lifespan. Roofs normally last no longer than 25 years. As your roof continues to age, it will need repairs and restoration to continue to protect your home. If your roof is 10-15 years old, but is needing multiple repairs, it may be smarter and cost effective to invest in a roof restoration. Restoring your roof will be more cost effective than having your old roof frequently repaired.

Sign 5: Broken Tiles
Look on your concrete tile roof for broken or cracked tiles. Any tiles that are broken, or have major cracks will allow water to enter the roof and cause issues for your home. Also, it is hard to tell from the ground of the condition of your roof tiles.

Sign 6: Rusted or corrded tin roofs
For your colorbond roof, corrosion or rust will occur when water gathers around metal fixings. Whether its your metal gutters, or metal fixings and screws, rust and corrosion are bad news and need to be fixed.

How often do I inspect my roof?
It is best to inspect your roof twice a year after your summer and winter seasons, as a lot can change after each season. Also have a roof restoration professional inspect your roof once every 2 years or after a major storm.

Also to ensure you get the most longevity from your roof, have your roof professionally cleaned every 2 years. This will remove any dirt, moss and lychen and ensure your roof stays in the best condition possible for longer.

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